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Tekla BIMsight client registration screen

Why register?

You can use Tekla BIMsight free of charge. However, you need to register your copy of Tekla BIMsight in order to use it after starting it 10 times.

The registration is done in Tekla BIMsight application.

Please click here for registration instructions.

Registration benefits

  • Activates your Tekla BIMsight installation
  • Allows you to communicate in the Support Forum
  • Allows you to give product feedback


Download the Tekla BIMsight installer. This will take a few minutes. Click Run to install Tekla BIMsight right after downloading.


If installation does not start immediately, double-click the Tekla BIMsight installer and let the software do the rest. This will only take a few minutes.


Use the form in the application to register your copy of the software and access all community features in the application and on the website.