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When you have checked you models visually and by running conflict checks, you need to communicate the results to the project team. You can organize a coordination meeting and demonstrate and discuss the results there. You can also save the master project as a package and deliver the package to the project team for reviewing.

Coordination meeting

You can hold a presentation and use Tekla BIMsight to show the matters that require input from the project team.

You should organize notes before holding presentations. You can group the notes by note type and sort the notes in the groups by tags. For example, organize the notes to groups, such as Conflict, Constructability and Question, then sort the notes by responsible companies and trades.

Grouping notes

Sorting notes

Distributing the project

Save the project as a package to create a Tekla BIMsight project file (.tbp) that contains the project models and data. Distribute the project file to all participants in the project.

Saving a project as a package

When the project parties have got the master project, it is possible to exchange information. For example, subcontractors can respond to issues raised by replying to the notes that you created within the project. They can also ask for clarifications by creating notes themselves.

Replying to a note

In addition, you can send and receive notes in the BCF format (.bcfzip).

Sharing notes

Importing notes to a project

E-mailing notes

Saving notes to a file