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You need to consider several things when you export models to be used and shared in Tekla BIMsight. You should consider the file format, required data properties, model naming conventions and subdividing models.

Export formats

The recommended format for submitted model files is IFC. The packaged file format .ifcZIP is smaller in size than .ifc. If you use a third party software that does not support IFC export, you can use the dwg or dgn format. Note that intelligent data is lost when other than IFC format is used.

IFC property sets

Specify the data properties required for each type of trade and model.

Naming models

Use a model naming convention that includes the identification of the source, content and date of the files. For example, CompanyID_TradeCode_DatePosted. In larger projects consider also including phase and location data in the file name: CompanyID_Phase_TradeCode_Level_Area/Section_Date

When you update models in the master project, the updated version of a model does not have to have the same name as the original. Keeping an archive of model versions by including the date in the file name is possible.

Subdividing models

Generally, you do not need to subdivide models because of model size. However, subdividing can give advantages later when you, for example, handle changes and manage packages of conflict results. You can subdivide models along building location lines, for example, level by level for MEP systems, or phases or grid lines boundaries. It may also be useful to subdivide models the materials and systems of which are provided by one supplier. You can, for example, separate concrete and reinforcement objects, or supply and return piping systems.

Model description

You can submit a description of the model contents as a separate document. Consider submitting a BCF notes package along with the model file. The notes can then be read with the model and distributed to the entire project team via the master project if needed or kept private by not including the notes in the master project.

Previewing models

To preview and inspect any received files, open each model separately in Tekla BIMsight and import the related BCF note packages. This is a preliminary check on the received models before loading them into the master project. You can review descriptions on changes or issues and resolve them before including the models in the master project.

Adding a model in a project

Importing notes to a project