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When you have updated models in the project, you should check if the conflict rules need updating. Then rerun conflict checks and review the results.

Updating conflict rules

Tekla BIMsight automatically updates the conflict rules that use models as Object Sets when the models are relinked to the project. If you have conflict rules that use selected or visible objects as Object Sets, you should review these conflict rules. There may be additional objects in the updated models that need to be included in the Object Sets.

Modifying a conflict rule

Conflict check properties

Rerunning conflict checks

Rerun the conflict checks. Previous conflicts that still exist after conflict check reruns retain their statuses and tags. Tekla BIMsight removes the resolved conflicts, new conflicts are marked with the yellow conflict symbols.

Conflict check reruns

Reviewing conflict status

Review the open notes concerning conflicts. For example, set the note type of cleared conflicts to Conflict - Cleared. Manage new conflicts as described earlier in Reviewing conflict check results.

Editing a note

Changing conflict status

Tagging a conflict