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You can use the object browser to group and to sort object as required. Then hide obstructing objects to focus on specific areas or individual objects. Color objects to highlight important details. Save frequently used views for later reference.

Using the object browser and model list

Use the object browser to group and to sort objects according to properties, such as material and grade. Predefined grouping options, such as Layer and Custom Color, allow a high level control over object selection and visibility.

Object browser

Grouping objects

Sorting objects

You can also select objects and change their visibility on the model and model group level in the model list.

Showing and hiding models and model groups

Hiding objects

Group and sort objects in the object browser and then hide irrelevant objects to focus on important details. You can also hide whole models in the model list and hide objects directly in the model view. Add clip planes to cut away larger model portions in the model view.

Hiding objects and object groups

Adding a clip plane

Coloring objects

Change the color of objects to highlight them. For example, color a flawed beam with red. You can use the 27 predefined colors or create custom colors. You can also set the degree of transparency for objects.


Changing color of objects

Saving views

Save views to make frequently used views with hidden objects and custom coloring easily available when needed. For example, save a home view that shows all objects with default colors. You should also save a view after completing particularly complex object grouping, filtering and coloring actions that will be the base point for a number of further detailed investigations. You can then easily switch between the home view and the modified view.

Saving a view

Arrange similar or related saved views into the same view group. View groups make it easier to view and manage saved views.

Creating a view group