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You can add notes to selected objects and model views. The notes are useful for attracting attention on details in models.

To add a note:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Go to the Notes tab and click the Add Note button.

    • Go to the Markup tab and click .

    • Right-click an object or object group and click in the pop-up menu.

    A new tab opens for adding the note.

  2. Select either Public note or Private note.

    Public notes are shared to other project members and they can view the note and reply to your comments. Private notes are visible only to you.

  3. Enter a note description.

  4. Optional: Enter a type for the note at the top left of the tab.

  5. Optional: Enter a tag for the note at the top right of the tab.

  6. Optional: Click Update on the snapshot to update the view that is attached to the note.

  7. Optional: Click Remove on the snapshot to remove the view from the note.

  8. Optional: Click Add Current View to add a snapshot of the current model view to the note.

  9. Optional: Click Link to Selected to link the selected objects to the note.

  10. Optional: Click Unlink Selected to unlink the selected objects from the note.

  11. Click Save to save the note.

    The note is added to the Notes tab. If you linked objects to the note, Tekla BIMsight displays a note symbol on the objects in the model view. The number in the note symbol indicates how many notes are linked to the object.



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