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You can align models by picking points in the model view. First you set a line and then set another line to rotate the model around the z axis. The rotation angle is the angle between the lines you set.

To align a model:

  1. Select an object that belongs to the model you want to align.

  2. Go to the Models tab.

  3. Click the Align button below the model list.

  4. Pick the start point for the first line.


    If you pick an incorrect point, you can start over by clicking the Reset button.

  5. Pick the end point to set the first line for aligning.

  6. Pick the start point for the second line.

  7. Snap to the end point in the model view to see the rotation angle.

    You can snap to corner points of objects. Tekla BIMsight displays a gray square on the snap point.

  8. Pick the end point for the second line to align the model.

  9. Optional: Enter the value in the Rotation Angle box to change the rotation of the model.

  10. Optional: To undo the alignment, click the Reset button.

  11. Finish aligning the model by pressing the Esc key.



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