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This example shows how to create a clip plane, move it to the correct location, and then draw redlining on the clip plane. You can draw multiple redlining nicely on the same plane. Clip planes also makes it possible to draw redlining in front of objects.

To draw redlining on a clip plane:

  1. Go to the View tab.

  2. Click .

  3. Snap to an object.

    Tekla BIMsight displays the orientation of the clip plane.

  4. Click the object to set the clip plane.

  5. Move the clip plane to the correct location by dragging the clip plane symbol.

  6. Go to the Markup tab.

  7. Click .

  8. Snap to the clip plane.

  9. Click on the clip plane.

    This sets the drawing plane on the clip plane and you can now draw on the plane.

  10. Drag the pointer to draw.

  11. Press Esc or click to finish drawing.

The redlining is nicely on the plane.