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You can measure distances from end points and center lines of reinforcing bars. When you measure a distance from a center line of a reinforcing bar, Tekla BIMsight calculates the shortest distance from the center line to the second point.

Measuring works with extruded reinforcing bars that are exported to IFC using Coordination View 2.0. Tekla BIMsight does not support scaling of reinforcement models. Scaling may cause incorrect measurements for reinforcing bars.

To measure distances from reinforcing bars:

  1. Optional: Click the Settings button at the top right of the workspace and determine the unit for measurement in the Settings dialog box.

  2. Go to the Markup tab.

  3. Click .

  4. Pick the start point.

    You can snap to an end point or a center line of a reinforcing bar. The pointer changes accordingly.

    • Snap to center lines of reinforcing bars.

    • Snap to end points of reinforcing bars.

  5. Pick the end point for the measurement.

    The measurement appears in Tekla BIMsight.

  6. Click or press Esc to finish measuring.


When you slightly drag the transparency slider from right (solid) towards left (transparent), reinforcing bars are shown as solid objects but other model objects are transparent. In this way you can measure distances from reinforcing bars that are inside model objects, such as concrete footings.


When you measure distances using a tablet, touch and hold after activating to see a magnified view that is useful in picking the points for measurement.