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If company’s IT administration does not allow applications to access the Internet by default, the registration of Tekla BIMsight cannot be done. Tekla BIMsight needs to have access to www.teklabimsight.com server via both 80 (http) and 443 (https) ports to allow registration and user account creation.

If this does not work, the proxy server may be blocking the access to the Tekla BIMsight server. By default Tekla BIMsight uses the system default settings set in . You can modify the BIMsight.exe.config file located in the folder Tekla BIMsight was installed to use different proxy server settings.

Removing the following line may unblock the proxy server.

<proxy usesystemdefault="True" />

If the registration is still not allowed, you can enter the IP address of the proxy server in the BIMsight.exe.config file. The format is the following:

proxyaddress = "ip.address.here"


Tekla BIMsight 1.9 does not support proxy servers that require an authentication other than the user's Windows credentials. You cannot change username or password for the proxy server.

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