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These are the basic steps on how to start sharing a project in Tekla BIMsight:

  1. A project owner creates a project.

  2. The project owner sets a project folder for the project.

  3. The project owners shares the project folder to other project members by using a file-sharing service.

  4. Other project members join the shared project by opening the ProjectData.tbp file and load the models in the project.

    • Project sharing is not fully supported in projects that are created in older versions than Tekla BIMsight 1.8.

    • You cannot have copies of a shared project in the project list.

    • A project member can join a shared project only on one computer. To join the project on another computer, the project member needs to use another user account.

    • Only one project member (user account) can join a shared project on the same computer. Use another computer to join the shared project with another user account.

These are the recommended ways on working efficiently in a shared project:

  • To share new models, add new models to the project folder

  • To communicate with other project members, add public notes.

  • To share model relocations, republish the project.

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