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Disable highlight on mouse over

We really need to be able to disable highlight on mouse over i BIMsight. It's so distracting when we are viewing large models with eg surfaces.

Comments to this ticket

0 votes

Hi Staffan, Thanks for this suggestion. Also some other civil side Tekla BIMsight users have pointed out that this kind of a functionality would be useful especially in the civil conctruction side where there can be large surfaces modeled as one big entity. We'll consider this feature for the future releases. Thanks, Heikki

0 votes

Hi again! How is it going with the mouse over function? Regards Staffan

+1 votes

Hi Staffan, I've some good news for you. We're currently working with the highlighting issue and aiming to provide a solution soon. Stay tuned! Thanks, Heikki

0 votes

Ummmmm.....3 years and this is still not addressed? Roll over highlighting MUST be an option just like it is in Tekla Structures! It is a very big distraction when making a presentation and the user is trying to manipulate the model. Please make this happen.(Unless it has been addressed and I missed the memo - then, nevermind)

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