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numbering notes

short case it was nice to that each note has its own individual number

Comments to this ticket

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Hi Maciej, Thanks for your comments. This kind of functionality would make it easier to manage conflicts. However, the type and the tag fields are actually meant to be used for that purpose, e.g., identifying the comments for example by any particular user. When adding a note, you can enter a tag for the note specifying the commentor, (e.g. ENG1, FAB1, ER1...). Or just simply enter some running number to the sort field. Then with the note browser you can group and sort the notes based on these tags, see the snapshot below. And once you have grouped the notes you can control the visibility of the flags shown in the 3D view by using the visibility (eye) controls. http://www.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=19b66627-2b1c-4571-f218-00006ab37b29 I hope you find this approach useful. Thanks, Heikki

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ok, but you have to manually enter ... often the cases takes care of the phone and then just say, look at the note No. 45 Now I have to say, look for a note that begins with the words ... there is no other option, you must add the numbers of notes :)

0 votes

Hi Maciej, True, in the method shown above you need to manually enter the number for each note so automating this process would make the sorting of notes easier. I'll add this suggestion into our list of possibilities for the future releases. Thanks, Heikki

0 votes

totally agree that the numbering needs to be automated and also have the ability to sort by this number

0 votes

can you also have a way of sorting by complete and not complete to help in identifying items that have not been completed. thanks

0 votes

Actually i have found you can number the notes in the comment field which sorts nicely, i recommend you put the "0" in front of your first numbers ie 01 or 001 otherwise it will not sort properly thanks

0 votes

Hi Denis, Yes, you can use the 'Type (comment)' or 'Tag' fields for numbering the notes and then sort the notes according these attributes. I forwarded the issue with sorting the notes according to the numerical order to Tekla BIMsight development for fixing. And yep, as you've noticed the sorting works properly when putting the "0" in front of the first numbers. Thanks for sharing this workaround with us. Heikki

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