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Export Note Report

There needs to be a way to export a report of all the notes and images. More for documenation than for collaboration. I am about half way there but lack the coding knowledge.

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Hi Kris, Thanks for this suggestion. Also some other users have asked similar printing and reporting features and we're considering these requests for the future releases. On the other hand, all the notes and images are stored into a Tekla BIMsight TBP project package, which can be opened by any having access to that package and has Tekla BIMsight installed. And, since Tekla BIMsight is free, and Tekla has commited to offer design coordination tools in Tekla BIMsight also in future for free http://www.teklabimsight.com/whyFree.jsp you can be sure that the project can be opened and used as a "BIM document" also in future, so no other reports or paper documents are needed. Thanks, Heikki

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Actually if there was a way to sort notes by their status, maybe you could report all the notes that were complete and how many were still to be completed.

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