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Tree Structure

Why is it not possible to implement a tree structure in Tekla BIM Sight? For example, it would be helpfull to view every object which belongs to a storey or the building itself by selecting the desired storey. That's how IFC should work! Other BIM tools are supporting features like that since years!

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+3 votes
A valuable answer selected by Jan Henkel { "profileId":"51b0c9d9-3136-4f7b-9c27-31549fc17362", "displayName":"Jan Henkel", "profileImageUrl":"/images/anonymous.gif", "roleInCompany":null, "companyName":"Max Boegl", "companyId":"3a5a09c0-ed5a-46a1-bfd8-0c4c0c143524", "homePage":null, "twitterFeed":null, "linkedInProfile":null, "isAdmin":false, "score":21 }

Regarding other questions respectively ideas which were posted two years ago concerning the same idea it would be great to get this feature in the next releases ;-) Thanks for your support!

+1 votes

Hi Jan, Thanks for your comments. Yes, the IFC tree structure is something that we're currently missing in Tekla BIMsight. This functionality is one of the requests we're considering for the future Tekla BIMsight releases. Thanks, Heikki

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