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Mesauring Bolts and holes in BimSight

I would like to see some better snaps for things like bolts and holes. Its very difficult to measure them. Picking centers would likely be best.

Comments to this ticket

0 votes

Hi Orie, Thanks for sharing this idea. We are continuously developing the measuring tools and we'll add this on the list of possible improvements. BR Heikki

+1 votes

Being able to chose snaps for measuring would be a great improvement. Ideally, implementing something similar to tekla structures with the snaps toolbar or even the right-click temporary snaps. I was hoping to see it in v1.9, but without luck. I tend to have difficulties using the measuring tool to snap where I would like it to be, especially when trying to obtain vertical dimensions. It's almost as if it was only really meant to measure horizontally.

0 votes

Seems like in two years nothing improved on this topic!! The poor posibility's of showing problems in a model to a client or partner is the reason why I don't use Tekla Bimsight.

0 votes

I agree with Orie, Alex and Hugo, measuring in BIMsight is not as good as it needs to be and the fact you can't pick the centre of a bolt or hole is a suprising omission. If people can't do what they want to do they will find another tool, even if they have to pay for it.

0 votes

I also agree. How are we supposed to use this program in the field on an ipad if you cant utilize it fully. It becomes pointless almost.

0 votes

so can you measure anything?

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