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Duel Monitors

I use 2 monitors and I normally run Tekla Bimsight on my secondary monitor and my drafting software on my primary monitor, but when I open Tekla Bimsight it always opens on my primary monitor, no matter which monitor I was using it on last, then I have to “Restore Down” then move it to the other monitor and re “Maximize”. It would be a great time saver if it would open on whatever monitor it was lasted used on.

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Hi Adam, We investigated the issue and noticed that without some code changes it is not possible to open Tekla BIMsight on the monitor that was last used. I've added this feature request on our list of possibilities for the future releases. I guess there are some multi-monitor softwares which can be used on this purpose. Have you tried any of those? BR Heikki

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Thank you for adding this to the feature request. I have not looked into multi-monitor softwares, but I can give that a shot. Thank you for your help.

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