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Documents & Notes

I strongly believe it will bring a great amount of new opportunities if one could link documents to a note and then send the documents attached with the note. This way, BIMsight note could allow to take a picture (from the iPhone for instance) then link it to the note and send it back.

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Hi Fouad, Thanks for this interesting suggestion. This kind of functionality would definitely offer new opportunities. However, the problem here is that the BCF format, which is used for sharing notes doesn't support document linking. Thus, other BIM applications wouldn't then be able to open the notes with linked documents if we would implement some workaround to enable this in Tekla BIMsight. Thanks anyway for pointing this out. Regards, Heikki

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The pictures that we have in the notes what format are those in? It would be good just to be able to attach just photos to notes. Or at least be able to attach photos and documents to specified places on objects

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Hi, The snapshots that are in the "native" Tekla BIMsight notes are actually strings instead of image files. The images in BCF notes are in PNG format. At the moment you can add photos or any other files to a Tekla BIMsight project, and then link these documents to model objects. Please refer to the following instructions to see how this can be done https://www.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/helpTopic.jsp?topic=bim_linking_objects_to_document Hope you find this functionality useful. Thanks, Heikki

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