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Export to 3D PDF

It would be great to make comments, do a clash detection, create snapshots then package up the whole thing(including the 3D model) to a pdf.

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Hi Walter, Thanks for the suggestion. How we should handle reporting etc. from Tekla BIMsight is something we are considering. Are you aware it's possible to package up the project as a Tekla BIMsight Project compressed file (.tbp) which can then be sent to other parties. As Tekla BIMsight is free they in turn can open with Tekla BIMsight and enjoy all the same great functionalities as yourself. So they can read your comments, view your clash results, snapshots, etc. and make similar interrogations of the project for themselves. http://www.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/helpTopic.jsp?topic=bim_saving_project_as_package Best Regards Steve

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Export to 3D PDF downloads please

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I created a free tool for converting BCF notes (.bcfzip files) to PDF. It is not 3D, but maybe useful at times. https://sourceforge.net/projects/bcf2pdf/

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