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Translate it into various languages

indeed it would be good to translate it soft which is very useful in English but would be much more used if there were several languages (In particular French for me). Thank you for your understanding

Comments to this ticket

0 votes

Hi Francois, How would you rate the relative importance of translating the different parts of Tekla BIMsight? 1. The actual User Interface 2. The tooltips 3. Help documentation and videos 4. Support Forum Or do you see all equally important? Best Regards Steve

+2 votes

I think firstly the actual user interface and tooltips have to be translated because we cannot use the current interface easily if it is not translated. Then the "Help documentation and videos" could be also translated and a part of the forum can be dedicated to the other languages.

0 votes

indeed, many customers appreciate tekla BIMsight but they are asking when will it be in French. They want to equip the manufacturing with tekla BIMsight but not everybody understands the English language. Thank you.

+4 votes

Also italian customer wish translations for Bimsight. I think that is the same also for spanish and german users

0 votes

For a company roll out we need it in German. !

+1 votes

Great work with new languages in v. 1.5. Now is time to add more. Especially Polish.

+1 votes

Polish! :)

0 votes

Hi, As some of you have already noticed, Tekla BIMsight is now available in five languages in addition to English: Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. Thanks Andrzej and Maciej for the votes for Polish. It's good for us to be aware of other regions needs as well. Thanks, Heikki

+2 votes

Hi, Please translate it into polish. To make life easier. Wojciech, Vostok Design

+1 votes

Maybe is the Dutch language also required? Anyone more with the same wish?

+3 votes


+1 votes

Polish Please!

+1 votes

So we have a new version 1.6 And there is no Polish language...! And how not to look Polish language has the most posts...

+1 votes

So we have a new version 1.9 :) And still no Polish language...! And how not to look, Polish language has the most posts... Can we get some file, and take care of the translation? :)

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