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It would be great to have to ability to print views from BIM Insight or have to ability to create 3D PDF's so others who do not have the ability to see conflicts or software to see what the end user is seeing. Thanks.

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Hi Rick, Thanks for your comment. Currently, it's not possible to print views and create PDF's from Tekla BIMsight. Are you aware that it's possible to package up the project as a Tekla BIMsight Project file (.tbp) which can then be sent to other parties. Since Tekla BIMsight is an easy-to-use construction collaboration tool that lets everyone in the industry to tap into the BIM process for free, other project members in turn can open the TBP file with Tekla BIMsight and enjoy all the same great functionalities as you. So, here the software itself IS a kind of report, as the receiver can check everything (snapshots, comments, documents, clashes etc..) in the same environment they were created for instance, compared to pdf clash report http://www.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/helpTopic.jsp?topic=bim_saving_project_as_package Thanks, Heikki

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if you iplement printing one time, please consider a function "Print slide show" + Markups.

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Rick, We simply hold the ctrl key then the print screen key, then paste it into paint, crop and do a save as. This takes only seconds and we can quickly send 3d views anywhere and to anyone.

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Windows has a built-in Snipping Tool that will allow you to take a snapshot of a given area of your screen, make some annotations, then paste it into a document or email. Pasting into a Word document would allow printing to PDF.

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