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SHIFT + middle mouse button = orbit

Navigation suggestion: SHIFT + middle mouse button = orbit.

Comments to this ticket

0 votes

Hi Jeff, Thanks for your comments. We've currently no plans to change the navigation controls. Since Tekla BIMsight can also be used with tablets, with the current navigation commands the model can be rotated simply with a finger or stylus. And also when working with normal PC's the orbit or any other navigation command can be done with mouse without needing any keyboard controls. BR Heikki

0 votes

Understood, thanks for the reply. I guess my suggestion would imply that the left mouse button would be used for selection only, which would be less confusing (to me, anyway!) I'd like to revise my suggestion: allow user configuration of mouse or other controls. Then users can set up for various input devices- touch screen, tablet, 3D mouse, etc. Part of the issue is that Bimsight's 3D navigation setup, whether better or worse, is different from some other dominant BIM software that I must use. That makes it difficult to switch back-and-forth.

0 votes

Hi Jeff, Yes, it's true that modeling softwares can have various navigation setups, so I understand the need to be able to modify mouse and other controls. We'll consider this feature request for the future releases. Thanks, Heikki

0 votes

How do you proceed to rotate a view with a tablet?

0 votes

Hi Melissa, Please take a look at the following instructions about how to work in different navigation modes http://www.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/helpTopic.jsp?topic=bim_controls_in_navigation_modes When the 'Rotate' (default) mode is selected you can rotate the view simply by dragging with a finger. Thanks, Heikki

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