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in the projectdata.tbp file is a container with data called Manifest.shared in this container is a variable called <SharedProjectFolder> (see example below)this variable is a local setting if you work with a cloud soluttion within bimsight and not a shared variable. now working with several people within one project the projectdata.tbp file is synchronised after every republish action. and other users may have an other location on their own pc then i have. the other members within the project will lose snapshots modelgoups and slideshow presentations made in their own enviroment after a republish. example: <UserName>RHG</UserName> <UnitType>Millimeter</UnitType> <LengthUnit>mm</LengthUnit> <LengthUnitFormat>0</LengthUnitFormat> <AreaUnit>m2</AreaUnit> <AreaUnitFormat>0.01</AreaUnitFormat> <VolumeUnit>m3</VolumeUnit> <VolumeUnitFormat>0.1</VolumeUnitFormat> <MassUnit>t</MassUnit> <MassUnitFormat>0.001</MassUnitFormat> <LengthMeasurementUnit>mm</LengthMeasurementUnit> <LengthMeasurementUnitFormat>0</LengthMeasurementUnitFormat> <SharedProjectFolder>C:\Temp\Filr sinc\Met mij gedeeld\7807 Basis PlusWonen\00. Basis BIM Model PlusWonen\VW+_Cloud\VW+_basis_A</SharedProjectFolder> <LastModelUpdateTimeUtc>2014-03-07T14:11:12.3434731Z</LastModelUpdateTimeUtc> </Project>

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Hi, Tekla BIMsight sharing functionality is meant to be used with file sharing services such as Dropbox and Google Drive or similar. With these solutions the path of the local project folder (<SharedProjectFolder> variable) is usually in a form of C:\Users\<username>\Dropbox\Shared_Tekla_BIMsight_Project A requirement for the sharing functionality to work properly is that all project members have the project folder in the same location on their local machines (see the path above). With this set-up no project data shouldn't be lost when you republish the project. Also it's required that each user connected to the shared project is having a unique user account per machine. Otherwise some project data, for example the model groups and saved views may be lost. Hope you find this information useful. Thanks, Heikki

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"Also it's required that each user connected to the shared project is having a unique user account per machine" Now the location that i am working is put in a higher level then the person i am. this is not suitable, because its important that people see who makes the notes and comments and they sould be categorized under one person and not diveded over multiple id for one person.

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"all project members have the project folder in the same location on their local machines " This is not something i can't demand from my co-makers within a project, because al firms have different IT-policy and users are resticted. Those IT-restrictions: - max 100 Mb under userprofile - can't do anything on c:\ drive. - don't have a d:\drive - and many more it's not very profesional to change the settings, because a new user is added to a project and he can't work with the project, because off his limits within his IT-policy. this setting realy should be variable for each user!!!!

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Hi, Thanks for your input. The things that you've pointed out above are known limitations in the current Tekla BIMsight sharing functionality. These issues are something that we're aiming to solve in future Tekla BIMsight releases. It's true that some companies having strict IT policies are not allowing to use file sharing services, such as Dropbox for example, for sharing the project information. However, the current sharing system is built so that you need to have the important project data in your local machine, because if you can't access the project data residing for example in a project bank at some point because of the network issues for example, you're not able to work with the project because of missing data and the project might get corrupted. Thanks, Heikki

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