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"Game Mode" 3D model navigation

"Game mode" type navigation (AWDS for moving directions, mouse for view angle) is a very valuable option. It is really taking the whole experience of evaluating a model to the next level. The model navigation is much faster and more intuitive than the current methods. It is also providing a very effective tool for introducing the model to the clients. I strongly believe it should become a one of the standard option for 3D model navigation.

Comments to this ticket

+5 votes

Hi Vladimir, thank you for your idea! We encourage you to share your ideas here and they really influences what we are going to develop in the future. So all, please share ideas and vote as well!

0 votes

i'm agree. The navigation mode must be like archicad or solibri

+4 votes

WSAD controls such as how modern first person shooter games on PC are played. This would be a wonderful addition to navigation. It's intuitive and gives really nice perspective to show clients.

0 votes

This option would be super!

+1 votes

With all tools of measuring without exit this view mode will be great!

0 votes

I agree, Game navigation is really helpful with clients.

0 votes

This would be awesome if it was like old school doom and instead of changing your weapon, you changed from clipbard for adding notes to tape maesure for measuring etc.. http://www.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=eaa1d1b9-b5e6-1471-ac5e-000055f3e85f

0 votes

Hi Paul, Thanks for sharing your interesting idea with us. I've added it to our development list for the future releases. By the way, have you noticed that it's possible to navigate with WASD keys in different navigation modes in the full screen http://www.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/helpTopic.jsp?topic=bim_full_screen_mode Thanks, Heikki

0 votes

I had used it but only thaught you could rotate around a point.. Thanks for the info it will be usefull for creating walk throughs in conjucntion with the save vew command

0 votes

including support for game controllers like a usb xbox controller would make navigation easier and more intuitive for some users

0 votes

Game Mode navigation would be great. Maybe I missed it, but navigation with a 3DConnexion 3D Controller would be great too. I have the 3DConnexion Space Pilot Pro but have not found a way to use it in Bimsight.

0 votes

Hi Curtis, The Game Mode navigation has been in our discussions and we're considering this functionality for the future releases. Currently you can't use 3DConnexion mouse with Tekla BIMsight because it requires a special support for Tekla BIMsight to work properly with it. Thanks, Heikki

0 votes

Is this model viewer more like what you want to see? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=743gePco2l0&list=UUAC88aCwq3vL8vg-U4TEL7A

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