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Summary of quantities

I believe that Bimsight has the best interface and that it's real easy to work with. But one signigicant function is missing! One simple function that would put you ahead of the competetion - The ability to group objects and to sum, for example, the total area all those objects. This is the reason why I look for other programs. But I'd rather use Bimsight if it only had that function. Is this something that you've thought of implementing?

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Hi Johan, Thanks for this suggestion. Ability to take quantities is something that we're currently missing in Tekla BIMsight. This is one of the functionality we're considering for the future releases. Thanks, Heikki

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That would be most appreciated. Also, one thing that I feel is an advantage with the other programs that I'm using, is the ability to create excel-reports for a specific floor/layer/material/measurement(area, perimeter, m3 etc). Then I can create templates that are very easy to follow up work progress-% against, and it makes forecasting much easier.

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Hi Heikki, I totally agree with Johan and strongly suggest to implement both ideas in a very short term! I now have to reccommend Solibri to get this kind of info, but i'd rather use BIMsight.

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