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Suggest Tool tip with description

Its would be extremly helpful if when the cursor hovers around a rebar it should expand a tool tip providing details of the rebar/ element. Would be further helpful if this tooltip is customizable. Thanks Ashutosh

Comments to this ticket

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Hi Ashutosh Thanks for this suggestion. Would it only be for rebar? Typically what properties would you like to see? Thanks Steve

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Ashutosh Your idea is a very good one. It would be very useful if this function was added so you could see data on ANY object you hover the cursor over. This would be much more efficient than the current method, which pops a new pane on the RH side of the screen that you have to scroll through to find the data you're after and then manually close. This suggestion needs to perhaps be linked with the suggestion I made 2 years ago in my post entitled "Less data can be more user friendly", which can be found here: http://helpcenter.teklabimsight.com/client/helpcenter/topic.jsp?id=c3dce0e9-793c-4174-8cf8-a92bdb7d465d Stephen - I'd appreciate your views on this subject please as it has been talked about in the Help Center quite a lot in the past. Robert

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Robert, We are looking at ways to filter out data so that specific user group or type would just see the data they need. Of course there's also the issue of how to present that data - the property screen similar to quite a few BIM applications; an interactive report builder that tabulates specified properties for objects as they are selected; a quick tooltip style pop-up with specified set of properties displayed; or.... All seem like good ideas for slightly different use cases. The tooltip looks like a good one for quick checking and verification of what is in the model. There are issues with implementing that especially for touch screen tablets and whiteboards. From my opening words "we are looking at" you will understand any development of this isn't happening right now but something we need to prioritize against other requested and needed improvements for future versions. /Steve

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Steve - I was out all day yesterday hence my slightly late reply. Thanks for the explanation and I do understand that different users may have different preferences. For example, a Tekla Structures user such as Caunton Engineering has more people using BIMsight (50+) than actually use TS (34). The 50+ are using BIMsight as a viewing tool than a collaboration tool. They only want to see a small amount of relevant data about an object, not everything about it. I suspect most other organisations that use TS will want the same thing for their BIMsight users. Those that do not use TS are probably using BIMsight as a collaboration tool so they may want to see everything about all objects. I have to say that based on my BIM experiences over the last 18 months I believe there is a real danger of “information overload” becoming a serious hurdle to BIM adoption. This very important point must not be overlooked or dismissed. I understand that as yet nothing has been decided to even begin to be developed, and also accept the BIMsight team may have limited time and resources to develop new features, but would urge you to do something about this - sooner rather than later. Perhaps a straw poll of all BIMsight users could be organised to gauge opinion on the various options put forward by users on this forum? Regards - Robert

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