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Base / Origin point

Is it possible to implement a function to turn a marker on/off which highlights the Base / Originpoint. A marker like the UCS which is in the right-down-corner. As many co-makers seem to use different base / originpoints (I know, they should fix it), I am lost now and then as to where the origin or rotatepoint is when adding models. In the attached photo you'll see an example of a project where we found out, after instering an IFC that has a 0-point marker, that the architect has created a model at hundreds of meters from a base / originpoint. With a build-in base/originoint marker one could see it right away. Greatings, Gert Huttinga BIM-Modeller VBI Verkoopmij, the Netherlands http://helpcenter.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=5076d7e3-c3e8-8a6b-6cd2-0000c681142c

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Hi Gert, Which modeling software your colleagues are using? Is it possible to export the grids along the model to the IFC and then view the used grid system in Tekla BIMsight? As shown in the tutorial video found in the following help topic ( http://helpcenter.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/helpTopic.jsp?topic=bim_republishing_project ) the grids are useful in identifying the location of models and then relocating the models in Tekla BIMsight. Hope you find this information useful. Thanks, Heikki

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Hi Gert, Heikki, We've came across the same kind of problem. We shape our geometry using Acad and then use BIMsight to clash this geometry with the main Model, but also to check if our coordination points compare. This is difficult when they're so out of place as described above. When the main model uses two kind of coordination settings, -for example in Revit the Project Base Point and (Site) Survey point- and they don't align, Tekla seems to favor the (Site) Survey Point. Maybe an option can be made available to handpick the point of origin you prefer? Greetings, Martijn Gielkens

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Martijn I think this problem can be avoided if a project datum x,y,z is agreed before organisations start to create their models. This is common sense really but perhaps a better and more reliable way of avoiding the problem? Regards - Robert

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