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Open API / .NET

Will there be a .NET programming interface added to BIMsight similar to what Tekla Structures currently has?

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+1 on this request

+1 votes

The most important feature that I see is to be able to read variables from the IFC models such as the TS GUI. Some selection possibilities would be real nice as well, select by filter. Setting the representation of objects (colour, transparency) These 3 would be a really good start from my point of view.

+2 votes

Juha, Per Tobias reponse, it would be handy to have .net applications such as the RFI manger that we use in Tekla, linked to BIMsight for sharing with others in the project team. This way they could select an RFI and see which members are impacted etc.

+3 votes

For me it is much more important to have the basic functions in place in the API. We do alot of in house development and BIMsight would be so much better for us in our daily work by adding an API so that we can connect it to our ERP system.

0 votes

I agree with Andrew, ability to share RFI manager with other project team members would be very helpful. Additionally the ability to view documents that have been associated with objects using the hyperlink manager.

0 votes

Are there any plans to have OpenAPI extensions for creating .tbp models in Tekla Structures? This would be useful when a file attachment to any object is possible: drawings, documents, etc.

0 votes

Good point Andrew, using applications developed for Tekla and applying those to Bimsight would only give this tool greater weight in the industry as a true and complete BIM management system. I like the idea. As well as ways of getting more IFC data out of models and using that information in reporting.

0 votes

We would like to have ActiveX support for the Tekla Bimsight viewer. Not everyone is using Microsoft. At the moment we are also checking out the Navisworks viewer to connect to our ERP software. The functionality is spot on - look at the docs- but with one MAJOR flaw - no IFC support.

+2 votes

Create a submittal review manager connecting 3d model to 2d shop drawings as PDF files to allow for markup. Create an RFI manager. These tools already exist in Tekla Structures so IMO they should be put into BIMSight as they are central to collaboration and communication.

+1 votes

Once again, will there be a .NET programming interface to allow developers to integrate to BIMsight?

0 votes

If there would be an open API we could spend money developing services that we all could benefit from within one common environment, tekla.. instead of seperating our services into different environments.. //material supplier

+1 votes

It would also be handy to be able to allow for control of the camera position within Tekla. Some companies are working on augmented reality solutions to be able to locate XYZ as well as compass/gyroscopic information. If Tekla can receieve external location data then it can function as an interface for augmented reality solutions.

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