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Ability to switch off beam properties from export in Telka

We would like to be able to switch off the section properties when we export the model form Tekla Structures to BIMsight so that when required we can forward a model without section sizes and properties being available to teh recipient. We are aware off a couple of instances (which can't be proven) where our designs/models have been given to another fabricator and used by them. We would like some means of protecting our intellectual property rights. Simply removing the section sizes from view on the model is one way of achieving this.

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Hi Peter, Thanks for this development idea. I've added it to the Tekla Structures development list. BR Heikki

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Hi Peter, I got some update for this issue from our interoperability expert. He said that the possibility to switch off the section properties would be against open BIM concept. And in addition, removing the profile size attributes wouldn't even solve the issue because the profile sizes are also as geometry definitions in the IFC file and that data cannot be removed. Thanks, Heikki

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it is very time consuming to have to physically erase every attribute note (exploded) when using the dwg created from the tekla model in order to insert the info into a 2D cad drawing, cannot the attributes be crested on a separate layer (everything on dwg on same layer anyway) so these can be frozen or isolated?

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