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Markup Tools

In addition to Notes and saving views, it would be useful to also have the same "Markup Tools" we have in the Tekla Structures Model Reviewer Software. Is it intended to add these in future?

Comments to this ticket

+5 votes

Hi Shane, Thanks for this suggestion. It's high on our "to do" list so good to see this kind of request :)

0 votes

Hi Stephen.. any update on when this and other suggestions high on the "to do" list are likely to be incorporated?

0 votes

Hi Shane, We┬┤re going to release soon Tekla BIMsight 1.2 with some new features as well as great improvements to the existing functionalities. These will be presented in the Tekla BIMsight 1.2 webinar on 6th of July http://www.tekla.com/international/solutions/building-construction/Pages/wednesdaywebinarcampaign.aspx BR Heikki

+1 votes

Perfect timing Heikki... got it, tried it, love it! :)

0 votes

Absolutely love the markup tools, but is there any way to save the markups and comments? i have spent some time marking up the model to have it crash and loose all the comments.

0 votes

Hi Denis, At the moment, a project is saved to the project cache when it's closed. So, I would recommend you to close the project every now and then to limit the data lost caused by a crash. (And of course it's good to save your projects as a package as well for a backup) We're aware that this issue could be improved and are considering periodic auto saves to limit the data lost by a crash for the future Tekla BIMsight versions. Thanks, Heikki

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