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Customing object information display

It would be nice to be able to customise the lite object information menu that appear when click a object. In practice I would like to put there the part number and, if possible, the assembly bolts. In this way I could adapt the viewer to be used easely by craftsmen on the building site.

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0 votes

Hi Jan, Thanks for your comments. This kind of functionality would certainly be useful when searching some certain object information. We'll add this suggestion on the list of possibilities for the future releases. Thanks, Heikki

0 votes

The option to customize the info display would be very useful. BIMsight currently displays too many items, making it difficult to find the important ones, such as Assembly Mark, Weight, Overall Lenght, Assembly Bolts...

0 votes

This would be handy to have! Our engineers who do the QA has to click and scroll to view the rebar size - which is one of their step to check the quality of the model. If we would adjust it so that the Lite Object Information could show (rebar size and amount) that would save so much time for our QA!

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