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The most useful tool for our field supervisors would be the ability to dimension to a grid plane. Right now, I have to import a 2D grid onto the first floor. Dimensions are in 3 dimensions, so right now it is not possible to dimension objects above or below the grid. Everything is built, measured and checked with reference to gridlines, and right now grids are not very functional. I would also like to be able to export grids from Tekla Structures, but that is another subject. Perhaps we could get a tool that would dimension in the X, Y, or Z direction?

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+3 votes

Hi Robert, You have a good idea and guess what, we have that x, y, z dimensioning in our development plan at the moment. Nice to hear that we are developing the Tekla BIMsight in the right direction. :)

0 votes

Marko - this suggestion is a very good one so when do you think we may see it available in BIMsight?

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-1 votes

http://www.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=72b4ab8a-42a2-0a7d-cb70-000093ca01b6 Exporting To CAD 1:1 & importing to BIM Sight. But Bit difficult move to exact Place.

+1 votes

you always have point 0,0,0 in the same place in Tekla and DWG in relation to the model etc. This solution will help you avoid problems with inserting anything into Tekla BIMsight

0 votes

I like the idea of a Grid Plane. I am from the old school and grid planes were essential on at least the ground floor plan. I like to calibrate my system by a grid measurement rather than a drawing dimension.

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