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Export Notes--file formats

It would be great to have a CHOICE to export notes to various file formats such as PDF and jpeg. Getting entire teams and stakeholders to use TeklaBIMsight is just not realistic. We have been through this same debate with Autodesk Design Review and the .dwfx format. The reality of the situation (not saying it is justified) is that teams need PDFs and jpegs as the defacto file formats. If you force users into a proprietary file format, the product--as great as it is--will not be used in a wide audience or user group.

Comments to this ticket

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Hi Cliff, Thanks for this feedback. We are considering what we should do to open up usage of the information in Tekla BIMsight. We have the ipad mobile Note app which non-users of Tekla BIMsight can use to view and reply to notes. We have been trying to keep all the information and within the one source communication, i.e. Tekla BIMsight, so nothing gets lost and not recorded. However I do take your point and some kind of note export/printing is under active consideration. Thanks Steve

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I think it is absolutely necessary to have the possibility to print notes to pdf, not everybody is prepared to install additional software, even if it is free.

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for now the snipping tool in windows 7 is a good workaround to export to jpg http://www.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=3184d696-7734-eec7-3c92-0000c18be056

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