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BIMsight, SKYPE, task publish

When I review BIMsight model and mark with many comments, we need to send these issues to many different people, contractors, structural engineers, MEP engineers, etc. How to send these comments to them inside BIMsight, is a question. If we add task publish system to BIMsight, we can track our tasks that assign to different people. It also need a communication tool, when we logon BIMsight, I have had our account, just like logon on SKYPE, all of friends are listed there with different group, we can online talk with them and assign tasks to them and track the assigned task, BIMsight can also automatically show the tasks that some people has assign to me when I logon on BIMsight.

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Hi joe, you have two options to send your comments to another team members: -Export your comments as BCF file and email them. The BCF file contains a coordinate (x,y,z) and your comment so is possible load this file in some software as solibri, DDS cad or BIMsight -Share your model by dropbox, host your ifc files in dropbox and invite to another team member to your dropbox folder. When you create your comments make them public so your colleagues could see your comments http://helpcenter.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/takeATour.jsp See the video "how to share a model" Regards

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Hi Joe, Thanks of your comments. That kind of tracking and assigning functionality is not yet available, but it's an interesting idea and we'll consider it for the future releases. As Victor mentioned above you can currently use notes for sharing the information among the project team, and by using the Type and Tag fields of a note, you can then assign notes to a team member. See the image below where the notes are tagged by the trade Thanks, Heikki http://helpcenter.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=3e763e88-cb81-3f45-a03c-0000d35179bf

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