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Suggestion: Video Play Actually Shows Video

The video under the help section is a great idea and it shows up until you hit play. Once you hit play the video does not display in Chrome or IE 9. The volume plays, but again no video is shown. When you click on the screen it will pause the video will display as a paused or still image. As soon as you hit play the image goes away again. http://www.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=d6387a40-9d03-ed33-60ab-5d56354a

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Hello Russ, Sorry to hear this. Does it work when you go to the Help Center from Tekla BIMsight and then watch the videos under the Learn Tekla BIMsight? Thanks, Ville

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It does not work correctly there either. I don't know if Tekla change something in the last 24 hours to try to fix the issue, but today it has progressed from a white screen to pink/purple screen that is sized to fit within the video space. Occationally it shows pieces of a real image, but most time it is the pink/purple screen. See attached screen shot. http://www.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=383e0e04-f445-82b4-99c2-8e43c173

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Hi Russ, What display card and Operating system do you have? It looks like a problem in how the video is decompressed. Thanks, Ville

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I also have the same issue, I have installed BIMsight on my laptop, window 7 and my work station Vista 64. the application was very unresponsive on my work station so I had to uninstall it and with the graphics being just as bad on my laptop I am not sure this will work.

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