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Private Information related to objects

What should be done if some models providers do not want to share some information to other partners, for private or law reasons. (Profile size,...)

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Think in terms of two kinds of models: private models and published models. Private models are something that you keep to yourself. They contain the full information. You store them in the native format of your modeling tool. Published models, on the other hand, should contain only information that you want others to see and use. They are created from private models by exporting necessary data to a file format that is suited for interchange between different software (e.g. IFC format). So when you are exporting your published model, you must make sure that no private information is included in there. It depends on the modeling software what kind of control over exporting details is available. Worse, you might even need to clean the exported file of sensitive information in a separate manual step. In Tekla BIMsight you typically view and combine these published models. It does not have any functionality to "hide" or "lock" private information that might still exist in model files. TBP file is not a lock that you can put on a model file that has sensitive information - on the contrary, TBP files were designed to put all public information of a project to every stakeholder's hands. Summa summarum, if you want to keep some things private, pay close attention to what you actually export.

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