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Imperial Units

Can I switch from metric to imperial? I noticed that i can measure in Inches, but the properties for the members still come in as metric.

Answers to this question

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A valuable answer

Hi Roel, It looks like there is a small bug with saving the unit settings. If you modify the settings in a project the first time it saves them but subsequent modifications appear to only be remembered for that session of Tekla BIMsight. We have it on the fix list, hopefully for the next update. Regards Steve

+1 votes

Probably the properties are written in metric in the IFC files. We have it in the plans to provide full imperial support but for now you can position models, measure and set clash tolerances in imperial.

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This is a major problem, we are working for a customer in the US and the job is imperial, to send them an ifc file that is in metric makes us look foolish, tekla needs to have this fixed immediately. US clients have no idea what metric is and only deal primarily in Imperial. Again removing the tekla web reviewer before this beta program is ready for release is a huge mistake and only makes tekla look as though they don't know what they are doing.

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Isn't this going to be better in BIMSight 1.2?

+1 votes

When will 1.2 be out? I agree with the previous comment. It does not look very good being only in metric.

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Hi Tero, This functionality is high on our development list, however, it is not included in Tekla BIMsight 1.2, which will be relased soon. In Tekla BIMsight 1.2 there are some other interesting new features as well as some great improvements to the existing functionalities. These will be presented in webinar on 6th of July http://www.tekla.com/international/solutions/building-construction/Pages/wednesdaywebinarcampaign.aspx BR Heikki

+1 votes

I think that it is pretty sad that Imperial functionality was not included in 1.2. Is the US market not large enough to have had this included from the start?

0 votes

Hi Chris, US market is very important for us. Imperial units support will be implemented on the next Tekla BIMsight version 1.3 released in autumn. BR Heikki

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I am a new user in Los Angeles looking for a way to view data in Imperial units. I would love for the USA to conform to metric but for me it is just a dream!

0 votes

Hi Everybody, We are currently implemeting imperial units support on Tekla BIMsight version 1.3, which will be released on October. So this anticipated functionality will soon be part of Tekla BIMsight.

+1 votes

Hi all waiting for the imperial units support, This expected functionality is now available in Tekla BIMsight 1.3, which was just released today. Thanks to this improvement, users are now able to switch between metric and imperial units, which makes the information easy to understand. This and other exciting new features are presented in the webinar on 2nd of November http://www.tekla.com/international/solutions/building-construction/Pages/wednesdaywebinarcampaign.aspx BR Heikki

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1.3 is not available yet for 64bit, only for 32bit for now. Is it coming soon?

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Hi Tero, Tekla BIMsight 1.3 64bit version is also already available. We had yesterday some problems with some of our servers and that took longer than anticipated to update the version. The issue is now fixed and you should be able to get the latest version on this page http://www.teklabimsight.com/downloads.jsp Sorry for the inconvenience! BR Heikki

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Is it possible to set the units permanent to metric? Every time I open a model I have to switch manualy back from US units to metric?

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