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Usage of Tekla BIMsight?

Hi, As many of you may know I'm one of the developers of the Tekla BIMsight. So, I am a software developer, I have no education in construction. And that is why I would really like to hear how you are using the Tekla BIMsight. -Do you use it for clash checking? (between which model formats, from which software?) -Do you send the project back and forth as TBP package to solve some clash problems etc.? -Do you use the Tekla BIMsight just for viewing models? (which model formats, from which software?) -Do you measure objects in models or spaces betweend objects? -Do you use Tekla BIMsight to show the project to different people (executives, citizens or guys who actually erect the building or...)? Yours, Marko Myllymaa

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Marko - 1. Clash detection is CRITICAL, at least for us. We use Revit and export as .ifc. Reason being that other consultants or the owner can install BIMsight and access the model we work on. 2. Yes, sending back and forth .tdp with saved views for effective communication is very good. An idea would be to have a web-enabled .tbp application that allows real time saving with passwords for different users. 3. Measuring and take-offs are very important. So a robust set of meaduring tools not just distance , but also areas, volumes, angle between elements, etc. would be a great addition.

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I've installed it to help erector find structural parts, since the TEKLA part dwgs don't identify where the parts go, and I don't know of any other output that does.

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