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Tekla BIMsight after 2019

Information is that you are going to discontinue to support and distribute Tekla BIMsight at the end of year 2019. Are we still able to dopwnload and use Tekla BIMsight in 2020, although you are not developing it anymore? Or will it be completely unavailable on any level?

Answers to this question

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Hi Jari, We will release soon last version of Tekla BIMsight that will work also after we shutdown the servers. Currently we have no official plans on keep providing Tekla BIMsight downloadable on our site, but that might change. If you need to take Tekla BIMsight to new users, you will most likely need to share the installer yourself to them. And as the release of the last version has been pushed this long, we might keep servers running for awhile in 2020 also. Did that answer to you questions? Best regards, Marko Myllymaa

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And how will I export the .ifc that are in the model and that BIMsigth exported together and that Trimble connect does not?

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Hi Ricardo and Jari, Tekla BIMsight 1.10 is now released. Ricardo, if you mean how to export ifcs from Tekla BIMsight project to a project in Trimble Connect, do this: 1. Save the Tekla BIMsight project to a package, to TBP. 2. Open Trimble Connect Desktop 3. Drag and drop the TBP file to projects library. -> This will create a new project, named the same as in Tekla BIMsight, import all models and their alignments. Sorry, but no other data is supported in TBP import. Best regards, Marko Myllymaa

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