Hi Sigi, Do you have multiple models in the project? Open objects tab, select one object that you know that is real object. Like beam. Then press space bar. That will zoom the 3D to the selection. If you can now see you model, then it means that you models are spread to so wide area that when all is loaded and camera is zoomed back so that all fits in screen, nothing is visible as everything is too small to see. In this case you will need to find out which of the models is in the wrong place and then move that. To do the moving, first find one object from a model that is in correct place, I call that as destination object. Then select the model to be moved from models tab, hit space, make sure you see the model in 3D. Now open model properties and select move, then pick first point from the model in 3D, then select the destination object from the objects tab and hit space bar. Then pick the second point for the move command from the destination object. Now you should see the model you wanted to move, next to other models. And now you can do the final adjustments to the model's location more easily. Hopefully this helps. Best regards, Marko Myllymaa