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Object color representation.

How do you control the colors objects (assemblies) get when imported. I've exported from a Tekla model (IFC) but had everything import grey, with the exception of some columns.

Answers to this question

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A valuable answer

Hi Aaron, Tekla BIMsight shows the colors which are exported to a model file from the modeling software used. For example, when the model is exported to IFC from Tekla Structures, the default class colors are used to define the color of IFC objects instead of object color representation. Hence, the object colors in Tekla BIMsight are depending about the exporting capabilites of modeling software. Thanks, Heikki

+13 votes

The colors coming into Tekla BIMsight should be the same as those in the original model. It won't recognise object representation coloring though just the default colors. We'r eplanning to introduce more color control options later this year.

-3 votes

It is using the standard "Class" colours i.e. grey=class 1 and red=class 2. The only way to show the colours using the object representation is using the webviewer xml file which has less intelligence associated with it.

+1 votes

yeah, we'd finally worked that out, then exported the bolts separately using IFC so these could be shown along with the xml file :) No one uses class now we have object representation these days... :(

+2 votes

We are in the same situation, we no longer use color by class and have set up everything in our office to use object representation, everything we model now goes in as Class 1 and object representation controls how it is show to the users. A solution to this is needed as soon as possible since the web reviewer is no longer being supported which was able to do this.

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Same question. I like to filter all my phases. i have about 500 phases in one Model. I like to create filters and colours definied by the phase attribute. http://www.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=f5ea1f68-be73-87d7-62af-b761d91a

+1 votes

Will this be shown in the July webinar as part of the new BIMsight version?

+1 votes

Hi Tero, Color management is high on our "to do" list and it will be implemented in Tekla BIMsight later this year. In July webinar some other interesting new features as well as some great improvements to the existing functionalities will be presented. BR Heikki

+3 votes

what would also be handy is a way of changing the colour within the BIMsight model. We have been sending these to the Engineers for electronic approval, and they say it would speed there process even more if they could just change the colour instead of adding a note if it is O.K.

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Would be very useful if Tekla bimsight can show the same colors and transaprency setted in Tekla object representation

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Release 1.4 is out now (last week) and next week there will be a webinar. Hope some of this is implemented so I am looking forward to that. We also would like to use object representation over class colors (to show production status of the model, erection status of the model etc).

0 votes

Hi Sander, No improvements on this issue has been implemented for version 1.4. So the object representation coloring created in Tekla Structures cannot be viewed in Tekla BIMsight, instead objects are shown with the default colors. BR Heikki

+1 votes

Is there any update to this post?

0 votes

is the tekla color by object representation already supported by tekla BIMsight?

0 votes

Hi Eko, The situation is still the same. When a Tekla Structures model is exported to IFC the default class colors are used to define the color of model objects instead of object color representations. Thanks, Heikki

0 votes

Heikki, This is a very important option to make BIMSight usable for reviewing the models. Can you advise when we can expect this functionality to be included?

0 votes

That visual filter is a must add on Bimsight. Ilimited resources will come with it. I can even manage the clean department with it. For sure will spare a lot of words. Any News about that upgrade? Thanks, Marco

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Hello, We are using some user attributes for datas which we automatically getting from our ERP. So we are getting the date for every assembly at each production stage: prefabrication, fabrication, painting, shipping and after we get clour visualization of project status. After we import in BimSight we dont have our user attributes and all colours became wrong. Briefly - our idea is to get status in BimSight according user attributes Thanks

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