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CadDuct not showing correctly when brought in in a DWG

I asked the question about CadDuct not showing up correctly & received an answer to export it in the IFC format. I neglected to mention that I am drawing on top of MEP, which does not support IFC export. I have tried saving the drawing in an earlier version of MEP that has the object enabler installed instead of the CadDuct program, but still have had no luck. Is there a way to get CadDuct to show up correctly when it is brought in in a DWG?

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Hi Julie. There are a few items here – if you were using CAD-Duct (CADmep+) you could then use the ifc export command; select the objects that you want to transfer and then save as an ifcZIP or ifcZIP file format. Also using the CAD-Duct ‘ifcattr’ function you can define which object variable are required to be exported. This really is the best way forward as more complete information is included. I have also checked with the MAP service people and they say that if you are running CAD-Duct on top of AutoCAD MEP you will also be able to use the functionality as above. Also if you are running just the AutoCAD or Revit MEP applications then both would also appear to be able to support the ifc 2x3 export. The strange thing is the dwg file should also be okay and maybe we need to see a copy of it before we can comment further.

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Clive it would be great to not have to do the IFC export every time you want to load a file...this will slow my use of BIMsight...we just dont have time to convert every file to IFC. Are you suggesting in the previous response that CAD-Duct drawings should display if opened in BIMSight from a .dwg file?

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