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object and background colors

Is there a way to change the backgroung color fo better visibility? Thanks

Answers to this question

+1 votes

Hi Moises, Sorry it is not possible to change the background color, but customizing it is something that is on our list of possible developments. Color management of objects is high on our "to do" list and it will be implemented in Tekla BIMsight later this year. BR Heikki

0 votes

This was 3 years ago ? any progress yet?

0 votes

No we have not changed the distinctive background colour. /Steve

+1 votes

Perhaps a different question then. Is there any intention to provide users with an alternative to the distinctive background colour?

+1 votes

Any news on background color yet?

0 votes

Still waiting, now where is my Tekla Maintenance agreement that wants paying......

0 votes

Any news on background colour? Is this still on the development plan?

+1 votes

I dont suppose this has been looked at yet? I would be a big improvement.

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