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.ifc not loading onto ipad or iphone

Hi .ifc's will not load onto field3d on iphone/ipad. Message comes up with file format not supported. original file format was .tbp and works fine on PC, even when the format is changed to .ifc it still works on the PC but still will not load on iphone/ipad. There seems to be allot of questions on forums about this but not many answers. Does Trimble/Tekla have solutions??

Answers to this question

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Hi Daniel, TBP file is not a model file, it's a project file, that contains models, notes, documents etc. IFC file you should be able to open in Tekla Field3D, at least if you you have license for that. I will verify this. Best regards, Marko Myllymaa

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I have the same problem. Just can't browse to IFC files. You can try to put a file on the device and try the option 'open as text' then you can choose for teh Field3D app. Unfotunately the app start hanging when I do this on my asus zenpad tablet.

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