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auto updating ref models

We as an engineering company really need a way to automatically update all reference models inserted into BIMsight; In Tekla Structures the system auto updates it by checking the org. path or you can force a manual reload of all ref models. We use about 200ref model per project so relinking or detaching and attaching over and over new ref models is no way forward for us. http://www.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=a744904d-2fcd-f6aa-916c-bf1a1b85

Comments to this ticket

+2 votes

Hi Addy, Thanks for your interesting suggestion. We've already discussed about this kind of functionality and will be considering it for the future releases of Tekla BIMsight. BR Heikki

0 votes

You can overwrite the files in the BIMsight project folder with updated refs before you open the BIMsight model. Then you don't have to manually relink each one individually. This is probably not recommended and I'm not sure how it affects saved views, markups, attachments, etc. The project files are stored here: (for Windows 7) C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Local\Tekla\Tekla BIMsight\projects\(project ID number)\files. But yes, and auto reload option would be a great feature.

0 votes

There should be options to add files as Inserted or Xref, and when you save the model, you should be able to have a "Pack´n go" feature so that the xreffed files, convert to be inserted into the TPB files.

0 votes

this is probably the most ennerving bug in bimsight atm, even in small projects this consumes a lot of time. I think I'd recommend bimsight over other bim software any day if it wasn't for this, since the rest of the application is mostly intuitive. if bimsight could read the models in place (instead of creating copies of each one in the C: drive, which will eventually kill the computer), i'd be a happy engineer :)

0 votes

Hi All, Can I ask which is more usual - 1. Each new version of a model file has a different name ( for example suffixed with a version number or date - xxx-01.ifc, xxx-02.ifc etc.) 2. Each new version of a model file has exactly the same name ( xxx.ifc, xxx.ifc, etc Thanks Steve

0 votes

Steve, I would suggest option #2. For coordination, we are typically only concerned with 'what is the most current file'. Therefore we always use the same file names and override the most current DWG / IFC. The workflow solves the issue of archiving saving as a TBL after every coordination meeting. These are usually the only files that are dated.

0 votes

Hi, We have now released Tekla BIMsight 1.6, that has refreshing of models. Also default folder for model files can be defined and new versions and new models from that folder can be easily refreshed or added to project. BR, Marko Myllymaa

0 votes

Marko Myllymaa, I have BIMsight 1.9.3 and we are having difficulty splicing information together from two different work stations. Person A can work on the package first, then person B can add their revisions to person A's package; this process is very chronological. Is there a way for two individuals to take one package and work independently of one another, then merge the two files together as one project? We have tried opening two packages at the same time, importing one package into another, right-clicking packages; the software doesn't allow us to work independently and merge the information together into one file. Is there something I'm missing here?

0 votes

Steven Jones, Option 2 is more unusual because as the project advances and changes are made we cannot decipher edits unless we are also monitoring our time. The action of renaming the file appears overridden by software defaults, which cannot be edited.

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