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Total conflict count

This obviously isn't a necessity, but would be cool to have a total clashes (or conflicts) counter at the top of the Conflict tab. http://www.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=ba4af2b4-e7a4-9d8e-48fb-0000415ee680

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Thanks for this suggestion. You can see the total per rule on the left had conflict pane but no where a grand total. Something for us to consider. What other metrics would you find useful when working with the conflict results? Thanks Steve

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It would also be nice to show some type of indicator in the Conflict tab next to each rule that shows which rules need to be re-run due to updated models. Does that make sense?

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When I run conflict rule have about 7000 conflicts. How to control and filter the conficts? Thanks

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I'd suggest looking at the conflict results list for this rule. Listed for each conflict are the two types of object causing the conflict. If you set visibility so only these two types are visible you can select in the model and set a tag for these conflicts. That way you could break down the 7000 to tagged conflicts for different object combinations. You can then more easily control grouping and visibility. As you process conflicts you can then also set the status which gives a different colour flag - the display of these can also be controlled. If you find a set of common or related conflicts then make a Note showing this collection. Use the Note to communicate and further process rather than the individual conflicts. If you can see some obvious grouping you could also define conflict rules that just check certain object types or for areas of the models - using the select and visible options in the rule set up. That way you will get smaller sets of results. Hope these suggestions give you some ideas. /Steve

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