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Object count log file

I would like to suggest the following functionality for Tekla BIMsight: After importing an IFC file, TBS should generate a ‘log file’ that shows an object count of all object that are imported into BIMsight and a count of all objects that are not imported into Tekla BIMsight. Such a log file should especially show information about the object count of the imported objects from the IFC. By simply comparing the number of objects that are exported from application A to the number of object imported by application B (Tekla BIMsight) we would be able to see straight away if all objects are present in the Tekla BIMsight model!

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Hi Cyrille, Thanks for your comments. Yes, such a log file would definitely be useful in finding out are all the model objects shown in Tekla BIMsight. We'll consider this suggestion for the future releases. By the way, are you aware that the ’Ifc cut errors’ group is created under “Layers” if some model objects cannot be correctly viewed in 3D, but are still shown with incorrect shape, see the snapshot below. So in this way you can see which objects are shown with incorrect geometry. Hope you find this functionality useful. Thanks, Heikki

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