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Change background color

You must change the background color. The white background color isn't good see for a long time

Comments to this ticket

+6 votes

Hi Victor, Thanks for the feedback. We set the colour (which is slight off white) after much discussion and tried to optimize othe rcolours - such as hightlighting and selection around that. Customiszing the background colour si something we have on our list of possible developments but of course we'd have to make other colours customisable at the same time. One option I'm considering is having some reset colour schemes rather than totally free choice.

+2 votes

The pale blue (sky blue) color used in the model reviewer is much nicer and suggest it as an option. Black would be good as well (or a night color, or dusk color) for time of day.

0 votes

I am new to this program...were is the model reviewer located ??

0 votes

Hi Jacob, Please check the instruction videos from "Learn Tekla BIMsight" on the left sidepane to see how Tekla BIMsight can be utilized. I recommend you to start on the 2nd video on this page: http://www.teklabimsight.com/getStarted.jsp# . It shows the very basic workflow and capabilities of Tekla BIMsight. Thanks, Heikki

0 votes

can you add the option of select a image for background?

0 votes

Hi Steve, has the option been included yet? If not I suggest you look at Struwalker options. There are numerous options which are clear and easy to use.

0 votes

I'm running Tekla BIMsight version 1.9.6, and I still do not see a way to change the background color. Is there a way to do this yet?

0 votes

5 years but had not developed. Why?

0 votes

I'm running Tekla BIMsight version 1.9.9, and I still do not see a way to change the background color. Is there a way to do this yet?

0 votes

BIMsight is a perfect software for view 3D model expect for it's background color. Please help to solve this problem.

0 votes

Tekla when will you listen ? Its been 8 years ! A decade for a fuction request is a little bit lot of time to ask isnt it ?

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