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Hello Tekla BIMsight, what are posible if Tekla BIMsight can featuring mark directly stuck on the object?

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Hi Ahmad, I'm not exactly sure what you're asking here but it's not possible to assign properties for model objects in Tekla BIMsight. On the other hand, if you can export the desired objects properties, for example assembly mark information to IFC file from the authoring software, you should be able to group the objects based on this attribute with the object browser. See for example the following forum discussion about the issue https://www.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/topic.jsp?id=75496346-ff70-4ac0-8b90-f95feb86dff5 Thanks, Heikki

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A lot of our customer asked the same, they need to have an option to show custom label in Tekla BIMsight like as in Tekla Structures in the model. Each time it is to show the assembly mark or part mark; yes they can use the objects list from which they can select the objects but they prefer to have the label also.

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Hi Giorgio, Thanks for your comments. This is one of the feature requests we're considering for the future Tekla BIMsight releases. Thanks, Heikki

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