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Opening view

When the model is opened, it would be great if it would default to a saved view, mqaybe the "Project Snapshot". Now, when the model is opened, all objects are visible and it can look very messy with combined models.

Comments to this ticket

0 votes

Hi Ryan, Thanks for your comment. Yes, it would be useful if instead of loading all models when the project is opened some re-set view would be shown instead. I'll add this suggestion into our list of possibilities for the future releases. Thanks, Heikki

0 votes

Would it be better to load to a pre-set view or "remember" the state when you last exited and load back to that state? /Steve

0 votes

I think a pre-set view would be best, although maybe an option to "remember" in the settings menu would be best so the user has a choice. Thanks!

0 votes

I vote to remember the state when you last exited. This could save time for projects that have many models if only the models that were visible were loaded.

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